Boiler Tubing Grade Substitutions

Original Grade


SA-83 SA-192
SA-178-A SA-192
SA-178-C SA-210-A1
SA-179 SA-192
SA-192 SA-210-A1
SA-209-T1,T1A,T1B SA-213-T11
SA-210-A1 SA-213-T11
SA-210-C SA-213-T11
SA-213-T11 SA-213-T22
SA-213-T12 SA-213-T11
SA-213-T2 SA-213-T11
SA-213-T22 NONE
SA-213-T23 NONE
SA-213-TP304H SA-213-TP347H
SA-213-TP321H SA-213-TP347H
SA-213-TP347H NONE
SA-226 SA-178-A

Note: These substitutions have been seen within the industry and are not to be considered engineered standards. Please check with your engineer for approval.