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The ASTM calculation assumes that the tube is manufactured with a consistent wall thickness. The actual wall is always thicker than the specified minimum. The producing mills and R- S Matco, Inc. use the ASTM A-450 formula, but multiply the thickness by 1.10 for tubes with an OD less than 1-1/2” and 1.11 for 1-1/2” OD and larger and use that number for the wall thickness in the formula. Even though the formula is an accepted industry standard, it has been our experience that the mills will produce a cold drawn tube that is around 6-8% above the specified minimum. This is for informational purposes only and should not be used for the purpose of engineered standards.

Outer Diameter(inches):
Wall Thickness(inches):



If you would like a desktop version of our weight per foot calculator to use at your convenience, click here to download it.


Downloading, Opening & Installing the Calculator


The file is in a ‘ZIP’ format. This is a common compression tool used to consolidate files and reduce download size.


1.  If you do not have a compression tool such as Winzip or WinRAR, click here to download Winzip.

2.   You do not have to purchase Winzip to download it. Just download it and install it onto your system.
3. After you have installed Winzip, if you have not already downloaded the calculator file, do so now.
4. Browse to where you saved the file and double click the ” ” file.
5. Unzip the file and run “setup.exe”


If you would like to learn more about RS Matco, we will be more than happy to send you our information as well as the calculator on CD or a floppy disk.  Please click here to contact RS Matco.